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Hello and welcome to Jessie Bear Blue!

I'm Charlie, mum to 4-year-old Jessica and twins, James and Chloe (born December 2019).

I live in Warwickshire with my lovely family which also includes my partner, dogs (Tommy and Poppy) and rabbits (Sky and Flash).

Whilst excitedly making my pre-baby purchases when pregnant with Jessica, I remember having a surprisingly difficult time deciding on the choice of baby changing bag. Not because there were too many to choose from, but because I found they either looked great but had a price tag to make your eyes sting, or they were affordable but seemed to be designed, as far as looks were concerned, purely with the baby in mind and with little consideration for the parent.

Don't get me wrong, taking on the title of mum is the most incredible thing, but sometimes us mums don’t always feel quite as good about ourselves as we deserve to.

For example, I didn't use a handbag for months after having Jessica, I just used to carry a changing bag around with me which looked more like it was designed for her than it was for me.

I struggled to find bags which were practical, affordable and, yes, fashionable.

Who better then, to design baby changing bags than the person they are intended for? My bags are here to help you keep your own bit of identity during the early years of parenthood.

Why the name Jessie Bear Blue?

Well after my blue-eyed beauty, of course!

She is definitely my absolute inspiration behind this whole project. I have worked so hard to get this business idea up and running and she has been all the motivation I have needed.

And with twins a few weeks old, I'm now ready to launch my business at long last.

To understand the business is to understand just how important Jessica, James and Chloe are to me.

Welcome to my family.

Get to know Jessica, James, Chloe and I:

My favourite things:

  • Animals (my absolute dream is to have my own little farm)
  • Tea and biscuits (or i'm quite partial to a cuppa and a creme egg) 
  • Spending time with my friends and family
  • Cornwall
  • Reading a good book (although these days i struggle to stay awake long enough and end up reading the same page about 3 times)
  • Crime documentaries
  • My guilty pleasure would have to be reality TV (don't judge me).

Jessica's favourite things:

  • Play-doh (is it just me who hates the colours getting mixed)
  • Poppy (she is obsessed with that dog)
  • Fish fingers (with ketchup!)
  • Colour orange.

James and Chloe's favourite things:

  • Milk
  • Sleeping
  • Smiling (James' favourite thing..not so much Chloe's)

Thank you so much for visiting our page and we hope you love our products. As Jessica is the reason why this business ever evolved, all our bags are named after someone special in Jessica's life. Click the description of the bag to discover the meaning behind the name.

Follow us on Instagram if you want to see more about how I run my business whilst juggling life with baby twins and a 4 year old (@JessieBearBlue) xx